IEEE Fellow Stephen S. Yau教授报告会

题目:A Perspective on SaaS and its Research Challenges and Future Research in Developing Trustworthy Services and Cloud Computing Systems



报告简介:The rapid advances and growth in deploying service-based systems and cloud computing systems in various applications have major impacts on the use of IT technology, the economy, society, and our daily lives. Trustworthiness becomes a key issue to be addressed in the development of services and cloud computing systems. In this talk, the major challenges and future research directions in developing trustworthy services and cloud computing systems will be discussed.  This talk will focus on important aspects of trustworthy services and cloud computing systems, including quality of services assurance, required system platform support, the trustworthiness of sharing resources (including data, software/hardware resources and knowledge), and the impact of human factors. The challenges of updating the relevant higher education curricula in view of the rapid changes of IT technology will also be discussed.



Stephen S. Yau是美国亚利桑那州立大学(Arizona State University)计算机科学与工程系教授、信息保障研究中心(Information Assurance Center)主任,IEEE Trans. on Services Computing编委。

他曾在美国西北大学、佛罗里达大学、亚利桑那州立大学工作,并任亚利桑那州立大学计算机科学与工程系主任(1994-2001),曾任国际电子与电气工程师协会(IEEE)计算机协会(computer society)主席,IEEE理事会成员(member, Board of Directors)、计算研究协会(Computing Research Association)理事会成员(member, Board of Directors)、IEEE COMPUTER期刊主编,Journal of Computer Communications顾问委员会成员,IEEE Trans. on Software EngineeringJournal of Information SciencesJournal of Systems and Software等期刊编委。

他曾任十余次会议的大会主席或共同主席,包括2012年IEEE World Congress on Services(包括CLOUD 2012, Web Services 2012, Services Computing 2012, Mobile Services 2012和Services Economics 2012在内的系列会议)、世界计算机大学(IFIP World Computer Congress)和历届IEEE Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference(COMPSAC)的大会主席或共同主席。

他的研究方向包括:基于服务的系统、云计算、可信计算、软件工程、移动ad hoc网络与普适计算等,曾获IEEE计算机协会Tsutomu Kanai Award、Richard E. Merwin Award、IEEE Centennial Award、Third Millennium Medal、中国计算机学会杰出贡献奖。他是IEEE的终身会士(Life Fellow)及American Association for the Advancement of Science的会士(Fellow)。